Foxglove Octopus

24” X 16” Watercolor on Paper

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The exploration is apart of my concentration of juxtaposing animal and plant species in watercolor. Foxglove Octopus depicts an octopus tentacle metamorphosing into a foxglove flower with a curious hummingbird hovering nearby. Similar to Sakura Impala, I was inspired by the spring foliage in Seattle, WA. Wanting to illustrate an unlikely encounter, I chose different creatures from land, air and sea.

The drama of the piece comes from the interaction between the the three and whether their relationship is mutual or deadly. Both octopuses and foxglove have the potential to be toxic; however, are these creatures misunderstood or are they simply evolving and seeking a symbiotic relationship with their environment?

In light of current events, our fear of others and hang ups around differences is what can force us to avoid potentially beautiful and beneficial relationships. This painting is an attempt to grapple with that discomfort and serve as a reminder we can all exist together in harmony.

To see how this painting was made, check out the Foxglove Octopus video